Ichiro Tsuruta: Sublime

“I wish to paint my own muse, my own goddess” the motif, modus operandi, and motivation behind an artist who combines Japanese aesthetics with Art Deco chic and pin up. Ichiro Tsuratu.

Born in 1954, in the city of Honda in the Kumamoto Prefecture. Tsuratu grew up in Kyushu’s Amakusa Region. Since childhood, he loved drawing and he nurtured this love through school. With dreams of becoming an illustrator, he attended Tama Art University. His original illustrations were more western, he brilliantly decided to blend east and west. Creating realistic portraits of elegant Japanese women with a modern, sophisticated twist. In 1987, Noevir Cosmetics (a Japanese cosmetic company) began using his artwork. Unsurprising given his depictions of idealised women.

Blending elements of 50’s haute couture models (a la Dovima) and Japanese restraint. Makes for beauty in the extreme, he deserves to be more famous than he is now. Hope to see more of his work.

Ichiro Tsuruta lady

Ichiro Tsuruta

IT chic

IT sophisticated

IT cherry blossom



  1. How very beautiful — Asian, yet not only Asian. A gorgeous blend.

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