Louis Icart: Ethereal And Poised

If you desire Art Deco with a more saucy, soft and sophisticated side. you want Paris based artist, Louis Icart.

Born Louis Justin Laurant Icart in Toulouse 1888. Moving to Paris in 1907, Icart dedicated his energies to his art and trying to make a living from his talent.

In 1914, Icart meet 18-year-old Fanny Volmer, becoming his wife and muse for the rest of his life. With the outbreak of World War I, Icart was enlisted to fight. Thankfully, his art proved to be blessed distraction and focus away from the horrors of war.

Icart’s work is typical of the chic new Art Deco trend of the 20’s, but he added a sensual, sexual element. Definitely more explicit than Erte, not certainly not an inferior  artist by any stretch. What I love in addition to his more modern approach of showing women in a less fussy manner, but there is a soft, ethereal quality to the overall setting. That is not to say that he has no interest in the past, his erotic painting of Leda and the Swan (centre picture) is one of my absolute favourites. Combining exquisitely classical mythology, erotica with a Parisian flare can only result in a masterpiece.

In addition to his paintings, Icart was a much sought after artist. collaborated with various fashion houses, design studios and other publications. Making him very successful and wealthy.

Icart died in 1950. Sadly it would appear that some of his work has been over looked; though his sketches are highly coveted and expensive.

LI Sofa

'Destin le femme' Louis Icart

Louis Icart Leda and swan


melody hour


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  1. Louis Icart really was one of the great illustrators of La Belle Epoque- I love his work. 🙂

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