Bright Young Things

‘The Bright Young Things’ was a term given to young, bohemian socialites in the 1920’s. As depicted in ‘The Great Gatsby’: the 1920’s was THE time to go wild on bootleg alcohol (if in the US) and scandalise with your rambunctious, rowdy and rude moves.

Flapper’s of yore knew the importance of an evening bag that was chic but not cramp your style whilst doing the Charleston nor impede you enjoying your cocktail. 1920’s bags are typically very small  (arguably too small for all our needs; phone, wallets, keys etc.), many have delicate straps to hang discreetly around your wrist, though not exclusively. As a piece of handbag history, it is a charming relic of the original party purse. Unfortunately this style of bag has not endured as it is impossibly restrictive to be used by mere mortals. Still their beauty is not to be overlooked, if only they could tell us about the sights and sounds (and other sensations) from that wild era.

cartier 20's pursevintage 20's

vintage 1920's

vintage 1925




  1. All you need is a lipstick! 😉

  2. These are really cool vintage pieces.

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