Pearls: From The Depths Of The Ocean

Origins of prized gemstones are for the most part lacking in romance. Largely mined underground in dark tunnels, aided by geologists as to where to look. The odds of anyone finding a precious stone unassisted are about as likely as Sarah Palin winning the Nobel Prize. However the most beautiful gem that could be found by more people, from the sea in a delight case. Pearls.

The by-product for a living mollusc, Pearls are ideally white, smooth and round but other colours and shapes can be found. Pearls found naturally in nature are the most desired and expensive but you can acquire cultured Pearls more easily.

Without question, the most famous pearl is the Peregrina Pearl. Discovered in the mid-16th Century in Panama, the Pearl has been owned by the Spanish Royal family then by Napoleon Bonaparte by Elizabeth Taylor. Who currently owns the Pearl since Taylor’s death is unknown. One can only imagine the next chapter in her illustrious history.

If the traditional colour of pearls is not to your taste, you can opt for black pearls (2nd picture down). Also known as Tahitian Pearls, they are the most popular export of all of French Polynesia.

Garbo Diamond and Pearl   cartier pearl bracelet Tahitian Pearls ET pearl ring Pearls-La Peregrina on Pearl Chain


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  1. I prefer the black pearls but would not argue with a gift of pearls in any color! 🙂

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