Ulyana Sergeenko: Proprietress of Indulgence

Growing up in Soviet Russia is hardly an ideal environment to raise a couturier.  When Russian couturier Ulyana Sergeenko was growing, her fashion exposure came from ‘Feminine Worker’ and ‘Countryside Woman’. Communist couture! Her first step into design came from sewing her own dresses. From this she evolved to the fortunate position to be a couture client (thanks to her marriage to billionaire Danil Khachuturov), her choice of designers included Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino and Chanel. If Sergeenko seemed already blessed, she decided that she would set about creating her own couture label. 2011 saw the launch her eponymous label, drawing on influences such as Gaultier And Vivienne Westwood. Utilising a clinging of the female form, but never ‘obvious’. Classical 50’s styles mixed with more modern maxi dresses; all with a luxurious touch.

Her clothes have been adorned of the likes of Natalia Vodianova (Who graced Sergeenko’s catwalk)! Rose McGowan and Dita Von Teese.

While Russian fashion has yet to establish itself as a world wide contender. With Sergeenko helping to pave the way, The future is looking chic for Mother Russia.


US satin corset

US jonquil

US fatale

ulyana sergeenko black full


recent ZP

US gown


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  1. Very cool! Something to look for in the future.

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