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Mara Corday: Cult of the Buxom

Born Marilyn Joan Watts on 3rd January 1930 in Santa Monica, California. As a small child, Corday adored the silver screen, securing a job as an usherette aged 13. Corday began her show biz career as a showgirl. Like so many past and future show girls, modelling work featured strongly for Corday, as we will […]

Coveted Bag: Bulgari Serpenti Hypnotic Bag

To be able to go into a branch of Bulgari, and walk away with a carrier bag of delectable goodies (including their iconic red boxes), you have done something very right. While the jewellery of Elizabeth Taylor are unparalleled, I am not a big jewellery fan. It may not seem obvious but Bulgari does produce […]

John Willie: Instant Gratification

To see fetishist images in mainstream media is hardly news worthy, seeing fetish magazines such as ‘Bizarre’ is as common place. To imagine that once upon a time, such publications were not only unthinkable; it could send you to jail. One artist especially helped make fetish more palatable but no less lovely. John Willie. Born […]

Betty Blue: Got a Light?

Another day another retro pin up. Today, Betty Blue. Born 14th August 1931 in West Memphis, Arkansas, USA. Not allot is known about Blue’s early life. She celebrated her love of nudism (influenced by long, hot southern summers?), did this lead to her modelling career? Not sure but clearly she was not shy. Enjoying a […]

Coveted Bag: Louis Vuitton Epi Cannes Bag

Looking back on vintage handbags has recently become a mini mission to indulge in more delectable examples of arm candy. Though I cannot deny the impracticalities, the restrictions; this particular old timer does bewitch me. Louis Vuitton’s Epi Cannes Bag. Not a recent addition to the LV repertoire, how old this darling is I cannot […]

Jackie Miller: Coquette

Flawless figure, sweet face, kittenish pout, and comfortable with a whip. Shot by pin-up photographers Irving Klaw and Bunny Yeager. Sounds like this post about Bettie Page. Wrong, red-haired Jackie Miller is the siren in the spotlight. Not much is known about Miller, she lived in Miami at one point. Hence the connection to Miami […]

Tana Louise: Exotique

If Bettie Page was to some the acceptable and accessible face of 5o’s fetish fashion. Then Tana Louise was the exotic element. Little is known about Tana’s early life; there are suggestions that she was born in Cincinnati and she has Native American ancestory. Where she is most recognised are the photos for the grand […]

Coveted Bag: Marc Jacobs Grand Metropolitan Bag

Former Louis Vuitton creative director and head honcho for his own lable Marc Jacobs has gifted with world with one of the great IT bags. Remember the Stam Bag? Personally I was unimpressed with the Stam Bag; I did not like the stitching nor the quality of the leather. Truthfully I felt Jacobs could do […]

Irregular, But No Less Lovely

Looking for a fix of cuteness but tired of the usual cat which seems rampant on the internet? Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-kitty cats. They are capable of being adorable, normally when it suits them. Still beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is time to shine the spot […]

A Gothic Bloom II

With the increasingly darker nights, what could be more beautiful that the darkest of flora? Initially when my interest in near black flowers started, I thought that they were a rare delight that could only be found with the help of a specialist. Happily they seem to be more abundant, not so popular that you […]