Ravishing Beneath The Surface


Cannot believe that one whole year has passed since I plucked up the nerve, gave into peer pressure to start blogging. Shan’t bore you with a painfully drawn out motivation for starting this site (pure vanity on my part). Basically my friends had been encouraging me to take to the WWW with my thoughts, feelings and general point of view. After seeing the frankly uninspiring, bland outpouring by the mass media and people of ‘great importance’. I thought, if people will pay attention to these nimrods, then let’s have a polished kick up the arse with another view.

Would like to thank my followers (feel like a bit like Jim Jones here), especially Dievca for her kind, persistence in apprenticing my entries from pretty much the beginning. And the the generally lovely messages left by others (no trolls yet, but there is still time). Also to my friends who encouraged my and continue to listen patiently to my rumblings and obsessiveness.

So as a treat, here is a collection of aquatic erotic images. I finds these to be utterly beguiling and since ‘What will the neighbours say’ has proven to be my most viewed entry (shows you that naked women will always draw a crowd). I have gifted you good pervs with more smouldering sirens.

Brody Dalle water

nude clara

Gia water

water nudity



    First two photos for me, please!

    1. Thanks again. x

  2. Lovely photo art — and congrats !

    1. Thank you on both accounts x

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