A Gothic Bloom II

With the increasingly darker nights, what could be more beautiful that the darkest of flora? Initially when my interest in near black flowers started, I thought that they were a rare delight that could only be found with the help of a specialist. Happily they seem to be more abundant, not so popular that you will find a stall of all black blooms but easier to procure.

Though it may not be de rigueur, if you wish to but flowers for a man. Something dark, blue, purple or red etc would be more ‘manly’ but still beautiful. A romantic gesture I can definitely get behind.

black C lilies devil tongueblack sunflower

black landini lily

slip of gold

Taiwan Unicorn Hibicous


One comment

  1. Gorgeous — you had some of my favorites on the original Gothic Bloom Post, too. What about the black roses?

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