Irregular, But No Less Lovely

Looking for a fix of cuteness but tired of the usual cat which seems rampant on the internet? Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-kitty cats. They are capable of being adorable, normally when it suits them. Still beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is time to shine the spot light on some more obscure but sweet critters.

Arabian Sand Cat

Found in the deserts of North Africa, Central and South Western Asia. These solitary cats enjoy ‘least threatened’ status for conservation which is a relief so far. They are rather sweet looking, only I hope that no one tries to keep one as a pet. Wild animals make lousy companions.

Arabian sand Cat


Some may assume that this strange mixture of a Zebra and Giraffe is a product of Photoshop. Happily the Okapi does exist though restricted to the North Eastern are of the Democratic Republic of Congo and parts of Uganda. These odd but cute creatures are solitary by choice and are endangered due to habitat destruction.

baby Okapi

Botos Dolphin

What is cuter than a pink dolphin? Found in the Amazon Rainforest, these almost blind Dolphins use sonar to find food and navigate their way through the thick, muddy water. Illegal hunting of Botos are threatening their very survival, they may not be as classically pretty as Bottlenose Dolphins. But they have the same friendly demeanour and playfulness as the rest of their kind.

botos pink


A recent discovery since 2013. This Racoon like mammal is found in the forested areas Andes Mountains of Columbia and Ecuador. Eating fruit, nectar and insects, they are nocturnal, solitary and tree dwellers. Even though they not considered to be endangered, yet general deforestation has reduced their range.



The smallest Deer in the world, so the levels of cuteness is already high. Found mostly in Chile and parts of Argentina, these delicate sweethearts are shy and threatened by the illegal pet trade, deforestation and the recently introduced Red Deer. Pudu’s in my opinion makes Bambi look like an amateur!

Pudu baby



  1. What fun for the morning. Thank you.

  2. Irresistibly cute post.

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