Coveted Bag: Marc Jacobs Grand Metropolitan Bag

Former Louis Vuitton creative director and head honcho for his own lable Marc Jacobs has gifted with world with one of the great IT bags. Remember the Stam Bag? Personally I was unimpressed with the Stam Bag; I did not like the stitching nor the quality of the leather. Truthfully I felt Jacobs could do better with his bags now I think he has lived up to his potential. Behold, the Grand Metropolitan Bag.

Named after the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this bag is a chic throwback to the kind of vintage style ‘lady’ bag that makes my pulse race. A slightly boxy exterior with a top handle and detachable shoulder strap, makes for a pleasing appearance. The inside is generous with a separate sections including one for your phone, certainly helps if you struggle to find what you need in endless contents you carry every day. A solid and secure push lock closure aids in keeping out sticky fingers and never ceases to look sophisticated. Another feature that I happen to love is when metal feet are provided on the bottom corners of your bag, whilst some may say that the difference is minuscule. It is more than designers are mindful that fetishists don’t want to see any wear and tear on any part of their prized possessions. Let be frank, if you are thinking about spending  considerable amounts of money on any handbag. Protection and sturdiness are very important factors. Just shy of £1,300, this bag maybe stunning. However I fear that this is simply too much money. Having said that if I was in the black, maybe I would tempted to spurge.

mj met noir

mj met black

marc jacobs metropolitan bag

MJ met sideways



  1. I love the bag in red croc! Gorgeous.

  2. Hi there, I have been looking to find what year and collection this bag belongs to, was it SS 14 or AW 14? Do you happen to know? Thank you.

    1. Hi Gin, after much searching. I cannot find an exact date for the launch of this bag. If I had to guess, I would say AW 14. Good luck, hope you have better luck.

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