Jackie Miller: Coquette

Flawless figure, sweet face, kittenish pout, and comfortable with a whip. Shot by pin-up photographers Irving Klaw and Bunny Yeager. Sounds like this post about Bettie Page. Wrong, red-haired Jackie Miller is the siren in the spotlight.

Not much is known about Miller, she lived in Miami at one point. Hence the connection to Miami based Yeager. That appears to be it.

Unlike her counterpart Tana Louise, Miller was unable to transient to the next chapter of her modelling career. Maybe this is an over simplification, since we do not know what else was going on in her life. It would appear that Miller was ‘typecast’ as a beach babe/high heeled honey. On the surface this sounds absurd, actors are typecast, not models. Yes this is true, where the problem may have arisen from was that no one else could see past her resume and see that she may have been valuable to other photographers. Another problem was that Irving and his business partner, sister Paula were ordered to destroy most of their original photos. After the harassment the Klaw’s faced for creating and distributing pornography by Kefauver Hearings. With the scandal and general social stigma, the Klaw’s were given no alternative than to destroy their work. Approximately 80% were lost, those retrieved were mostly of fellow model Bettie Page.

Given some time, Miller could enjoy the same revival that Page did back in the 80’s. Still, the appeal of a beautiful woman can never be truly diminished.

slice of cheesecake


jackie miller oops

IK jackie miller

bunny yeager picture



  1. Thanks for a great post!

    1. Thank you, enjoy x

  2. I feel she is more buxom than Bettie — something I like very much! 🙂

    1. True she was more buxom than Miss Page. Shame there are no pictures of her in colour, bet she would radiate.

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