Coveted Bag: Louis Vuitton Epi Cannes Bag

Looking back on vintage handbags has recently become a mini mission to indulge in more delectable examples of arm candy. Though I cannot deny the impracticalities, the restrictions; this particular old timer does bewitch me. Louis Vuitton’s Epi Cannes Bag.

Not a recent addition to the LV repertoire, how old this darling is I cannot say. Epi by the way is the name for a range of LV bags that have a very gently etching. Very chic and understated. Basically the style is a barrel bag standing vertically, the novelty factor does greatly appeal my more ‘think outside the box’ side. Cannes comes with a top handle with a wrap around zipper on the top.  Likely this would work as an evening bag or a smaller day bag. Whilst I think this bag is a winner, for many this would prove to cumbersome for many. Both the size and the inability to use a shoulder strap.

While this bag is not readily available, you can buy this little gem for approximately £500. Expensive for such a bag, but by the dizzyingly high end world of Louis Vuitton; a steal. If I excreted money from my pores, I would add this bag to my collection.

lv epi cannes

lv epi cannes red

lv ep cannes blue


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