Betty Blue: Got a Light?

Another day another retro pin up. Today, Betty Blue.

Born 14th August 1931 in West Memphis, Arkansas, USA. Not allot is known about Blue’s early life. She celebrated her love of nudism (influenced by long, hot southern summers?), did this lead to her modelling career? Not sure but clearly she was not shy. Enjoying a stint as a showgirl at the El Rancho Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas; would have helped hone her ability to use her body for full effect. She appeared in men’s magazines before making the big jump to the creme de la creme of adult magazines. Playboy. Blue appeared in the November issue of 1956. Not lacking in buxom charms with more than pleasant face. As much as I would like to reel off Blue’s other successes, Playboy was her peak.  Her attempts of an acting career never amounted to more that TV commercial and the odd B- movie.

Privately, her love life consistent of one man, Harold Lime. First marrying between 1957-1963, then they reignited their wedding vows in 1991.

What happened after that is unknown. Blue died 23rd August 2000 from heart failure. Her ashes were scattered at the Playboy Mansion, returning to a time when she was on the verge of something big. Pity she never reached her full potential.

BB face

may i have a light


BB playboy colour


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