Coveted Bag: Bulgari Serpenti Hypnotic Bag

To be able to go into a branch of Bulgari, and walk away with a carrier bag of delectable goodies (including their iconic red boxes), you have done something very right. While the jewellery of Elizabeth Taylor are unparalleled, I am not a big jewellery fan. It may not seem obvious but Bulgari does produce a selection of highly luxurious handbags. Here is the one that has hypnotised me. The Serpenti Hypnotic Bag.

As far as I can tell, this is a more recent creation. A more than passing vintage feel with a top handle and a push button closure for stylish safety. As the name implies, there is a snake positioned between the closure and handle. Depth is sufficient for evening use or maybe a non taxing day, the handle is suitable for settling on the crook of your arm and not much more. However, as previously noted; this is not an issue for me personally.

Since we are dealing with one of the most high end jewellers in the world, this bag was always going to make your credit card weep. On their website, there is no price listed. Never a go sign, so an estimated guess would be in the thousands of pounds easily. So regardless of how stunning, chic or how much I ogle of it, this is simply too expensive. This is what bag porn is, leering and fantasising about the unobtainable.

Bulgari serpenti hypnotic bag blue

Bulgari SH raspberry

Bulgari SH black

bulgari SH lilac

bulgari SH green


One comment

  1. Very lovely bags and the colors are divine. Sigh.

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