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Accoutrements of Desire

Implements to accentuate, delay, prolong pleasure are important, to keep your intended victim at the edge of ecstasy. In your hand (or your lover’s), with the correct use of skill, pressure and sensitivity. What started off as Earthy delight become propelled into the stratosphere of satisfaction. Why take your lover with you to visit an erotica […]

Lena Hoschek: Nostalgic Crush

November 2005, a 24 years old Austrian with laser precision and a voracious appetite for historical clothing launched her own clothing line. Her name is Lena Horschek. Since childhood, the past has always held more charms for Horschek then whatever was the current fad. Pin ups, 30-40’s silver screen glamour and even rock and roll […]

Cheongsam: Silken Élan

Oscar Wilde had a point when he claimed that ‘fashion is a form of ugliness that intolerable that we have to alter it every six mouths’. Fashion’s ever changing appeal and preferences are so specific to a time frame, that by their very nature trends do not survive centuries of style. However, one of the […]

Alexis Mabille: Hourglass Atelier

On Handbag-Fetishist, I like to celebrate all that is feminine and beautiful. Any designer that shows their appreciation for the classical form of femininity is highly likely to be praised here (though not exclusively). He may not be a new couturier but I do have a growing fondness for Paris based designer Alexis Mabille. Born in […]

Succumbing To “Smut”

If you believe that cheesecake pin ups represent the ‘good girl’, then fetish sirens would be the ‘bad girl’. With an identifiable uniform of impossibly high heels/boots, corsets, leather gloves and other accoutrements. Vintage fetish magazines helped to set the stage for most modern magazine covers. You don’t need to be into traditional fetish to […]

Leather or Lace?

Whenever anyone asks if you prefer leather or lace, it has always baffled me why you have to choose one over the other. Why not have both? They each have their own merits and uses, lace is useless for making shoes and leather impractical in the height of summer. There is one place where they […]

Gilded Cage

Given the choice between admiring a gilded cage or living in one (or in keeping with Dita Von Teese, disrobe), I choose the former. Living in a gilded cage is defined as living in splendid luxury but with no freedom. Sure there are some who are contend to live in the shadow of splendour (WAGs […]

David Wright: Luminous Lovelies

Regarding classic pin-up art, you would be forgiven for thinking that the USA was the only producer of quality cheesecake. You would be wrong, for even Blighty managed to create elegant and erotic art. Step forward David Wright. Born on 12th December 1912, Wright began his illustration career at his uncle’s studio. Eventually he landed […]

Desired Attire

In translation and lingerie, Agent Provocateur is alluring, enticing and enigmatic (for those cannot afford their sky high prices). An actual AP is an agent (undercover or just under the covers) who seduces one to commit an act of indecency or just criminal. Frankly with their luxurious intimates, I think I speak for most when […]

Nouvelle Novelty

With Christmas nigh, we all know that there are certain guarantees that cannot be escaped. No matter how hard we try to avoid them, put blinkers on; so to speak, eventually we are corned, trapped by them. Novelty gifts that are so transparently naff that they will be stuffed into a cupboard, forgotten for 5 […]