Nouvelle Novelty

With Christmas nigh, we all know that there are certain guarantees that cannot be escaped. No matter how hard we try to avoid them, put blinkers on; so to speak, eventually we are corned, trapped by them. Novelty gifts that are so transparently naff that they will be stuffed into a cupboard, forgotten for 5 years and then rediscovered like a low-budget version of Tutankhamun’s tomb. So, in a desire to link my love of handbags with a vague connection to the aforementioned subject. I have decided to include some of my favourite evening bags/clutches that do not at first glance appear to be an accessory.

chanel perfume

chanel shell

lulu guinness lipstick clutchLG lipstick inside



AM sugar bowl




  1. I absolutely love the Conch Shell and my second fave is the lipstick!

    1. Lipstick is a smashing clutch!

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