Desired Attire

In translation and lingerie, Agent Provocateur is alluring, enticing and enigmatic (for those cannot afford their sky high prices). An actual AP is an agent (undercover or just under the covers) who seduces one to commit an act of indecency or just criminal. Frankly with their luxurious intimates, I think I speak for most when I say, that the enticement would be sensational. So if you were to go in huntress mode and were more concern with out wear, would a lingerie label really be of assistance? Yes.

Though not as noted as their show stopping intimates, AP’s dresses are not without arsenal. For years I was fascinated by the Julianne dress (centre image), it was originally meant to be the uniform for their staff. Where I believe the appeal lies is in it simplicity and ease for the tease. On the surface a day dress, nothing overtly sexual. However, with the act of popping open a button (oh so accidentally), the seduction begins. Maybe your bottom one or maybe the top, you decide huntress. If you would rather leave your hands to reapply your red lipstick or hold your drink. Thora (Top image) is your lady. More of a modern reinterpretation of a femme fatale, whilst covered, your curves and cleavage  speak loud and clear!

If you are too tired for subtlety, then the final bottom number will blast all pretence away. Leaving just you and your helpless victim.

ap thora dress

ap julieanne dress

Ap dress



One comment

  1. I have loved the “Thora” dress since it’s debut. Always a classic Femme Fatale line. Right up my alley! XO

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