David Wright: Luminous Lovelies

Regarding classic pin-up art, you would be forgiven for thinking that the USA was the only producer of quality cheesecake. You would be wrong, for even Blighty managed to create elegant and erotic art. Step forward David Wright.

Born on 12th December 1912, Wright began his illustration career at his uncle’s studio. Eventually he landed work for various women’s fashion magazines. Eventually landing work for a number of women’s fashion magazines. Wright even included comic art to his repertoire, creating ‘Judy’ for Tit-Bits magazine; followed by ‘Carol Day’ a strip that featured in the Daily Mail (from 1956- 1967).

Were Wright is best remembered (and why I have chosen to write a entry on him) is for his glamorous depictions of ‘lovelies’. From 1941-1951, Wright worked for The Sketch magazine, a publication that focused on high society and the aristocracy. A kin to our celebrity magazines of today. Most of his pin-ups were based on his wife and muse Esme. Even being posted to Wales (as a driving instructor for the army during WWII) did not halt Wright’s artist flow. Post Sketch, he continued his work at Men’s Only magazine

Only death stopped Wright creating, He died 25th May 1967. Such a shame that his name is not mentioned in the same litany as Vargas, Elvgrin, Mozert, Moran and Dribben; maybe his lovelies will resurrect his art.

david wright pin up



david wright siren



  1. His Lovelies are Lovely. XO

  2. A wonderful artist, no doubt about it.

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