Gilded Cage

Given the choice between admiring a gilded cage or living in one (or in keeping with Dita Von Teese, disrobe), I choose the former. Living in a gilded cage is defined as living in splendid luxury but with no freedom. Sure there are some who are contend to live in the shadow of splendour (WAGs and various members of royalty) but have no identity or independence from their partner. Feminism holds the ideal of being able to choose your own path to be a paramount importance, even if that choice includes being a trinket to be worn. Not noted for your opinions, thoughts or any talent. Though in this over saturated world of socialites and reality stars you can have ‘career’ by having a camera crew follow you around in your vapid, glittery and frankly boring existence. Still free will and intelligence are not mutually exclusive.

If you still wonder what the song of a caged bird sounds like, Lulu Guinness created a bag that not only depicts a charming aviary and inhabitant. This bag also has its own tune to add a whimsical touch.


LG birdcage singing


Dita caged


Atelier manasse cage

bettie pages shoes for erotique


One comment

  1. I think if you ask or desire that gilded cage – it is one thing. To be stuck there without input is another. (You basically said that — I’m just reiterating…)

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