Leather or Lace?

Whenever anyone asks if you prefer leather or lace, it has always baffled me why you have to choose one over the other. Why not have both? They each have their own merits and uses, lace is useless for making shoes and leather impractical in the height of summer. There is one place where they both are coveted and chic. Gloves.

Regardless if you are man or a woman, admirer of retro style or cutting edge fashionista. Leather gloves are ALWAYS a solid, timeless choice. Back in 30’s-50’s, gloves were the epitome of what a screen siren would wear regardless of being formal or candid. Though some like white gloves, I prefer black, since white shows up any dirt or imperfections.

Thanks to the ever divine Dita Von Teese, opera gloves have made a triumphant return. Add to any short-sleeved outfit elevates any outfit to the heights of sophistication. As a side note, Von Teese will be launching her own line of leather gloves. Will be looking forward that collection more than the other non descript ‘celebrity’ clothing lines. If you are a devotee of BDSM wear, you may want to keep your gloves close by. You may need them at a movements notice….

Lace gloves are also capable of enhancing any ensemble, where I personally add a negative mark is for short lace gloves. After seeing too many Madonna imitations and bad 80’s relics, my views have been forever tainted. Long gloves on the other hand, are an elegant variation to leather. When I was in my early twenties, I bough a pair of long lace gloves in Camden Market. Add to the mix a pair of long, Bordeaux coloured nails and you have a killer combination.

glove me

Bettie gloves

forest green chic

hear me purr

shanghai femme

Pola Negri cigarette

Benedict cumberbatch gloves

Lace and hat



One comment

  1. The final photo with the lace pair is amazing! Sometimes lace gloves look a little too Madonna “Borderline”. It’s the long elegant design that looks fabulous.

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