Alexis Mabille: Hourglass Atelier

On Handbag-Fetishist, I like to celebrate all that is feminine and beautiful. Any designer that shows their appreciation for the classical form of femininity is highly likely to be praised here (though not exclusively). He may not be a new couturier but I do have a growing fondness for Paris based designer Alexis Mabille.

Born in Lyons, Mabille began his love of fashion thanks to his mother who taught him how to sew. From there he designed for family and friends, expanded outwards to more professional gigs. Once he graduated from college, he began working for the likes of Nina Ricci and Ungaro. His breakout came when he was snapped up by Christian Dior, John Galliano saw Mabille’s potential. Galliano was right, 2005 saw the launch of Mabille’s own namesake label.

Famous fans include Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese (Mabille custom-made the tuxedo for her most recent Martini Glass Burlesque show).

What I believe makes Mabille unique is his mixture of ethereal touches  and flattering form-fitting. Relaxed when necessary, held together when needed. Skills comes from seeing a classic dress and making it your own without compromising the original creation. That’s Mabille touch and I very much look forward to seeing what else he will add to his growing repertoire.

Alexis mabille goth glam

Alexis Mabille reveal

Alexis Mabille ss13

alexis mabille couture


One comment

  1. Some excellent drama in the pieces. Something for a HUGE event.

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