Lena Hoschek: Nostalgic Crush

November 2005, a 24 years old Austrian with laser precision and a voracious appetite for historical clothing launched her own clothing line. Her name is Lena Horschek. Since childhood, the past has always held more charms for Horschek then whatever was the current fad. Pin ups, 30-40’s silver screen glamour and even rock and roll were her inspirations. Self proclaimed as a ‘stuffed truffle pig’, Horschek adoration of retro clothing is not what sets her a part from other devotees of fashion’s past. It is her attention to detail, to the traditional handicraft that would not interest those with a more shallow and limited interest. So it should come as no surprise that she had a coveted tutelage with the grand dame of fashion Vivienne Westwood. Given her influences and past employments, it is like the universe has conspired to create a designer and fashion house that would satisfy my vintage inclinations. Definitely a lady who I believe will reach the top of the fashion ladder.

LH chic

LH red gingham

LH bombshell

kitsch cute

soda stream dress

LH lacey





One comment

  1. Ah, some exquisite pieces. Bravo! to Lena. XO

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