Monthly Archives: December 2014

Vintage Vixens

Black lingerie, black stockings, black skyscraper heels, black gloves on black and white photos. Vintage pin-up photographs and the models who posed for our pleasure are, in my view, timeless in their glamour and allure. What is ironic to me is that whilst these pictures are less sleek then the more modern version, they have […]

Lili Dawn: Damsel In Distress

Mystery in an Information Age may seem a quaint concept, but if Liam Gallagher can have a clothing line and Tony Blair can be a Middle East Peace envoy. Then anything is possible. How I came to discover Lili, was by trawling through Irving Klaw’s vast repertoire of lingerie and fetish photos. Plenty of lovelies […]

Merry Christmas…

Wishing all my fellowers and anyone else who stumble into this wee domain. An excellent Christmas; spent with those who matter most, the way you wish and gain everything that you desire most. Plus a mention to those who are giving up their time to help those who are typically forgotten during the year. That […]

Coveted Bag: Hermes Tea Time Bag

In the world of Hermes handbags, we all know about the Birken and Kelly Bag. You may even be aware of the Sac Mallette bag. Through my research (or bag porn fix), I have unearthed a unique Hermes curio. The Tea Time bag. Taking inspiration from, the most English of pleasures, tea drinking. I know, […]

Canopies We Share

Lungs of the Earth, Pulse of the Planet and detoxify of our air. Without wishing to sound like an ageing hippie, we take the plants and trees for granted. Assume that they will always be there and letting ourselves off the hook when deforestation, climate change etc inconvenience us. Given the hectic pace of modern […]

Fabulous Gifts From Lulu

Christmas is nearly upon us, probably still recovering from your work party. Once all the planning, organising, purchasing, wrapping, stressing, arguing and general chaos has been defeated. Most of us can look ahead to actually enjoying a well earnt glass of Mulled Wine; maybe even a nice gift. Sure we would all like to have […]

Camille Clifford: Voluptuous Satiated

Tightlacing is an exquisite art form not to mention very erotic. In the early years of the 20th Century, when corsets were common practice. When tightlacing was not the rarity that is is now. One woman wore her corsets better than most. Camille Clifford. Born 29th June 1885 in Antwerp, Belgium. After a nomadic childhood […]

Resplendent Temples II

Whilst the pictures below of some of the most staggering temples of devotion on the planet depict my version of spirituality. What I feel acts as a conduit to some other force, energy whatever name you wish to give. True spirituality is something that you carry with you, not where you step into or pray […]