Resplendent Temples II

Whilst the pictures below of some of the most staggering temples of devotion on the planet depict my version of spirituality. What I feel acts as a conduit to some other force, energy whatever name you wish to give.

True spirituality is something that you carry with you, not where you step into or pray to. It is the way you treat yourself, those closest to you, those that you will never meet. It is how you treat the planet, your ability to empathise with circumstances that you can never relate to. What you feel is important, what is worth saving, what is too trival to waste any mental calories on. What you can forgive and what to you is beyond redemption. Who deserves protection, who you feels deserves disdain. Your devotion to higher power, God etc is one thing but it means nothing if you treat other with with contempt and tyranny. If you believe that the only way to hold onto your own rights by pushing others down, by denying them that which you consider rightfully your own. Then you have to take a long hard look at yourself.

Sanctuary of Truth (Thailand)

Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya

Sri Mariamman Temple (Singapore)

Sri Mariamman temple Singapour

Phra Maha Chedi Temple (Thailand)

phra maha chedi chai mongkol temple Thailand

Sripulam Golden Temple (India)

Sripulam Golden Palace

Ta Prohm Temple (Cambodia)

ta prohm temple cambodia



  1. The Angkor temples in Cambodia are absolutely mind boggling — this was a wonderful read.

  2. The temple inside of you is the most precious, but the others are somewhere special to visit — someday. XO

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