Fabulous Gifts From Lulu

Christmas is nearly upon us, probably still recovering from your work party. Once all the planning, organising, purchasing, wrapping, stressing, arguing and general chaos has been defeated. Most of us can look ahead to actually enjoying a well earnt glass of Mulled Wine; maybe even a nice gift. Sure we would all like to have large, lofty presents if we were all wealthy enough. Who has not desired an expensive set of jewellery, new car, lavish holiday or even an addition to Star Wars collection?

Unsurprisingly, Handbags are the preferred luxury item on those site. Many years ago, I had a serious fetish for Lulu Guinness bag. Everything she touched would make my heart leap and wallet weep. Now I have more of a wondering eye for whimsical wonders, still these Lulu bags are no less a treat.


LG chocolate bag


LG black dress bag

LG corset

LG book bag

LG florist basket

LG front heartsLG alice in bag


One comment

  1. Ahh, Thank you. I was having a challenging morning and you have made me really smile. Love Lulu Guinness. XO

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