Coveted Bag: Hermes Tea Time Bag

In the world of Hermes handbags, we all know about the Birken and Kelly Bag. You may even be aware of the Sac Mallette bag. Through my research (or bag porn fix), I have unearthed a unique Hermes curio. The Tea Time bag.

Taking inspiration from, the most English of pleasures, tea drinking. I know, not a typical source of haute couture. Still this page delights in the quirky and curious. Tea Time’s main shape in a soft edged triangle (like a teabag funnily enough), with a single top handle. Whilst I find the off kilter body enchanting, I appreciate that many would find this too limiting. Definitely not a shoulder bag, the top handle I believe would only work on the crook of a lady’s arm. Security comes curtesy of a triangular fastener that releases the opening flap (second picture) and closes securely. If there is one feature that is so very sumptuous, it has to be the divine sapphire leather. So crisp, able to straddle both cool and warming effects.

Now the rub, a Hermes bag will always weaken your wallet and make your bank balance weep. However a limited number of these were ever made, so I would estimate that Tea Time would be ATLEAST £7,000. Another beautiful bag daydream.


Hermes TT sapphire


hermes tea time bag


One comment

  1. Oh, what a funky shape. Not very practical….and if you are dropping a ridiculous amount of money on a bag, you want to use it. But, fun to look at none the less. XO

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