Lili Dawn: Damsel In Distress

Mystery in an Information Age may seem a quaint concept, but if Liam Gallagher can have a clothing line and Tony Blair can be a Middle East Peace envoy. Then anything is possible. How I came to discover Lili, was by trawling through Irving Klaw’s vast repertoire of lingerie and fetish photos. Plenty of lovelies have appeared before Klaw’s lenses and many will likely be featured on this site (makes no apologies for my preferences of retro lingerie, high heels and stunning sirens). Today I choose the less famed Lili Dawn.

Also known professionally as Lili de Mar, exceedingly little in known about Lili. Her real name was Marie Diversi, no known date of birth but I would surmise she was born around the early to middle 20’s. How her path from Marie to Lili evolved is again unknown. What is certain is that when Irving and Paula Klaw needed a model to be tied up. Lili was that model, in fact she was the very first ever bondage model. Since Lili allowed herself to be restraint, there have been very many more Klaw ladies bound for the gratification of multiple generations. Outside the world of Pin up, Lili was the lead in B Movie ‘Violated’ in 1953.

Now that I have teased you with tidbits of this enticing dame, I would love to give you more. More information, more pictures, sadly this is where the story appears to end. I have tried looking for more biographical details on Lili, I really have. Sadly I have to leave the facts in a rather inconvenient spot, nothing else is written or even implied about her. Similar to when Bettie Page went into self imposed exile, we can speculate as to what happened to Lili. Did she fall into sex slavery? Join a religious cult? Or just became a house wife in some non descript suburbs? Sure her story will not so lurid, maybe she just had enough of modelling and simply wanted a change.

Would love to have be able to conclude Lili’s tale one day. Until then, enjoy her resplendent beauty.

Lili Dawn lingerie

Lili Dawn

lili dawn dame

Lili Dawn noir






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