Vintage Vixens

Black lingerie, black stockings, black skyscraper heels, black gloves on black and white photos. Vintage pin-up photographs and the models who posed for our pleasure are, in my view, timeless in their glamour and allure. What is ironic to me is that whilst these pictures are less sleek then the more modern version, they have a certain magic that is rarely duplicated. Maybe it is the modern malaise; the same tired pose, same underwear (or lack of body adornment), same trying to sell sex rather then BEING sexual. What I appreciate in the more retro lingerie pictures are more relaxed expressions and enjoyment of their surrounding. By that I mean some of the models in the featured photos are enjoying the simple enjoyment of a nice pair of shoes (3 image down) and playfully kicking her legs up.

We will never stop admiring beautiful women wearing suggestive outfits. What will change is the execution and choice of attire. Here are some recent editions of ‘the good old days’ of Irving and Paula Klaw pictorials.

Irving Klaw


Pepper Powell Klaw

black vintage lingerie

la savona (svetia goode)

Pat Hobson (Burlesque)


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  1. You had me at ‘vixens’. 🙂

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