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Tex Saverio: Flare for the Dramatic

Indonesia’s natural beauty is beyond dispute. Now their couture is gaining recognition, one in particular who especially worthy. Tex Saverio. Born in 1984 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Saverio started his journey to the sartorially spectacular. Once he graduated Bunka Fashion School and  enrolled into the Phalie Studio in Jakarta, He launched Tex Saverio Prive in 2010. 2013 saw […]

Ellen Von Unwerth: Seraphim Du Jour

In my mind, there is a trinity of classic glamour and erotic photographers: Helmut Newton, Ellen Von Unwerth and Tatiana Gerusova. Born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1954. Similar to famed glamour photographer Bunny Yeager, Von Unwerth began infront of the camera. Modelling in the 1980’s. What elevated Von Unwerth’s profile were her now famous photographs […]

Coveted Bag: Christian Dior Fermoir Top Handle Doctors Bag

Though the name maybe a mouthful, when I first saw this rare vintage couture bag. I could sum up my opinion in one word. Delicious. Behold the Christian Dior Fermoir Top Handle Doctors bag. A rare find with a vague history, some sites imply that this bag dates back to the 1970’s. Regardless of its […]

Coveted Bag: Balmain Busy Frame Satchel

Given how over saturated the luxury market is for high end handbags, keeping track of everyone with any cache is a chore. Not all, I believe are worth the hype or the lofty price tag. Just trying their luck, adding extra zeros in the hopes that someone with more brains than money will succumb to […]

Zac Posen: Radiant Contours

Finding the balance between the dramatic and the sophisticated, to be structured but not stifling. To channel 1940’s aesthetic but not be a museum piece, to breath fresh air and feminity in haute couture. That’s Zac Posen’s appeal and passion. Born on 24th October 1980 in New York City, in the Soho neighbourhood. Posen’s love […]

Brandy Kayse: Sultry & Stern

THIS POST CONTAINS NUDITY Leonard Burtman and Irving and Paula Klaw; purveyors of New York Fetish photography knew she made a great stern woman. A dominant diva who wore black lingerie, boots, and a bitch glare better than most. Brandy Kayse. What her real name is, her age and basically any personal information seems to […]

Adorn, Then Adore

When one retires from Burlesque, certain career options are a snug fit. Time spent teasing, tantalising and titilating means that you know your body. You know lingerie. Like Dita Von Teese now with Her Von Follies range, Lili St Cyr launched her own line of intimates, Undie World on 806 Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. […]

Camellia Clad Chanel

Chanel does a splendid job of honouring the tastes and history of its founder and icon Coco Chanel. Boy bag (named after her lover Boy Capel) and her favourite flower Camellia. Ironically Chanel was introduced to Camellias by Capel himself; She was said to have fallen in love immediately. Besides just on their jewellery lines, […]

NE.TIGER: Prowess

Before China became an economic powerhouse and couturier force to reckoned with. Zhang Zhifeng began a label in 1982 that would later become part of the new Chic China. Inspired by his childhood pet name ‘Tiger Zhang’ (translates as little Tiger), Tiger was created with the intention of being a luxury label ‘Noble, elegant and sexy’. […]

South Pacific: Idyllic Isolation

If the idea of being totally away from the hustle of modern metropolis enticing. Tropical paradises with little human contact and to get as far away as humanly possible. Or wishing to follow in the footsteps of Gaugin or Marlon Brando (who ending you up his own Island) Then the islands of the South Pacific […]