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New Year

New start

Same Fetish.

As we are now in 2015, it seem appropriate to start the year with a post about handbag (not that an excuse is truly needed). Not exactly ‘IT’ bags or used by whoever the big showbiz names are currently, these unsung marvels deserve a microscopic light from yours truly.

The Zip Box Bag

Debuted during Dolce and Gabbana’s 2008 S/S. For some strange reason this bag appears to have sank to the bottom of the sartorial sea. To me, this bag as a pleasant retro feel. As far as I have seen, this bag has only ever been available in red (not a problem here). Basically a bigger, more practical version of the Louis Vuitton Epi Cannes bag. Definitely a decent day bag, but you would need to be strategical with what you carry and how you pack said bag. Unsurprisingly the rub comes from the lofty price tag, £1000 would be a rough starting price.

DG zip box bag

Anna Circular Bag

Another D&G rarity, Anna Circular does resemble a vanity case (which is why I am drawn to it). Sizes do vary so you can have a more traditional vanity size of a smaller, or more petite. If you do not want to hold this bag solely by the top handle, there is a cross body strap option if you prefer a shoulder bag. Storage is clearly not an issue though you do need to be pack carefully to optimise space. Price, well I think we can guess that you will have to fork out an epic amount of money to be able to tote one of these babies.

DG circular anna


One comment

  1. Happy New Year to my lovely Handbag, Retro Pin-Up, Sassy Storied friend. You can never go wrong starting the New Year with a red bag! XO

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