Thigh High Boots: Lick My Boots

Shoes have always had great potential for sexual arousal, as legions of shoe fetishists will attest to. Boots (heeled of course, non of that flat shit) have a certain authoritarian feel which makes them very popular for those in BDSM. Whether you wish to be dictated to or be the one giving the orders is irrelevant. Of the various boot types; there is one that reeks of sex, polarising in the extreme. Thigh high boots.

Now as a short woman, I have not got a hope in hell of pulling thigh highs off in public. What would be a regular knee high boot on most would be virtually at groin level. Privately, well we will see. I digress. Long legs suit thigh highs better and generally speaking taller people seems more adapt to wear them without looking foolish.

As far back as the 20’s thigh highs have been a staple of fetish wear. A tight fitting of leather, later latex around the entire leg. Forcing the wearer to forgo skirts or trousers, thus exposing more flesh. Outside of fetish pin ups, the most common users of thigh highs are prostitutes and the odd starlet trying to portray a sexier image. Of course in more mainstream men’s magazine covers, thigh highs are reletively common but that’s about it.

These dames wear them better than most, as I am sure you will agree.

charles guyette dom

fetish guyette

leather YR


Bettie boots

Laced up

Diana slip fetish boots



  1. I don’t lick em, but I sure do LIKE em. 😀 Great post.

  2. I am short and I wear my OTK (Over the Knee) boots well Stuart Weitzman 50/50! I’ve even worn my thigh high pair of Alaia’s out the door (not often). M. loved them. I think if they are fitted close to your leg — they become tights. It’s all in the mindset and where you are located.
    You have offered some spectacular photos!

    1. Guess OTKs are easier to pull off that THs, what did you wear when you wore your THs out? Thanks the featured ladies are super foxy x

      1. Black Sweater Dress — boots are black, too. About a 1 inch gap between the two. 🙂

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