Sally Lane the Majestic

Sally Lane AKA Sally the Majestic. Whatever her name, Sally was a ravishing dame who radianted when captured on camera. Why she ended up with multiple titles is not entirely clear. Maybe she wanted a more ‘showbiz’ (Sally the Majestic) or maybe she wanted a more ‘regular’ (Sally Lane).

Sadly this is when I would launch into her biography. As per my most recent vintage pin- ups, there would appear to be nothing to suggest that Sally was born, grew up or was anything other than a model or dancer. Some more mystery wrapped in lace lingerie and rhinestones.

When posing for legendary Pin up procurers Irving and Paula Klaw, Sally Lane was her moniker. As a personal observation, Sally appeared to very comfortable with her whip. Sure for a certain kind of punter who craves being dominated and disciplined, these would have got them hot under the collar.

As Sally the Majestic, Sally would be accompanied in her act by her sidekick, Fifi the Monkey. As was common place for Burlesque dancers    of yore, Sally was arrested for performing an ‘immoral dance’. That would have made a great title for a Burlesque show ‘Sally the Majestic invites you view her Immoral Dance’, such a pity no one thought of capitalising on the notoriety.

What became of Sally, I don’t know. Did she loose interest in show business? Did she crave a normal family life? Or did she travel the world looking for adventure?

Sally Lane Klaw

Irving Klaw lingerie


SL majestic



One comment

  1. I like to think she’s still out there, roaming the world in search of adventure.

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