Dorian Dennis: DD in Chemistry

Exotic, radiant beauty with a killer figure that lit up the camera and and the stage alike. Dorian Dennis exuded charisma effortlessly and easily.

Brooklyn born Dennis was similar to fellow Klaw model Bettie Page. In that she did not have aspiration for show business, originally she wanted to be known for an MD instead of her DD chest. Though she never made it to medical school, she did acquire a degree in Chemistry from New York University. Post WWII Dennis found work as a hat check girl at a shop in the Latin Quarter. Though Dennis had the brains for science, a laboratory is not the most exciting working environment. Following a suggestion from a friend, Dennis tried her hand at Burlesque. Teasing was a fit occupation for this voluptuous vixen.

She was also known as DD, her initials and an reference to her pendulous cleavage. As was common place for promoting your Burlesque show, Irving and Paula Klaw took advantage of her buxom beauty. Posing for more pin-up style photographs than the bondage style, though her routines appear to be forgotten. Thankfully, Klaw’s pictures showcase Dennis’ appeal for generations to come.

My desire to add flesh to Dennis’s story is hindered once more. Like Sally Lane and Lili Dawn, no further information is available.

Dennis passed away on 12th August 1970 from Cancer. Thus Dennis’ finishes here. She may not have reached the same heights as Bettie Page, she shone no less brightly.

Dorian Dennis

dorian dennis wooser

Dorian Dennis (Dee Dee)

DD robe



  1. She blinded me with Science! A dievca after my own heart (having the same degree). Her build is spectacular – the bust doesn’t look foolish. Just right. XO

  2. She was a bombshell 🙂

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