South Pacific: Idyllic Isolation

If the idea of being totally away from the hustle of modern metropolis enticing. Tropical paradises with little human contact and to get as far away as humanly possible. Or wishing to follow in the footsteps of Gaugin or Marlon Brando (who ending you up his own Island) Then the islands of the South Pacific are your cure. Comprised of over 20,000 islands this archipelago is largely based South of the Tropic of Cancer (West of Australia) these islands are traditionally divided between Micronesia, Melansia and Polynesia.

To sell the beauty of islands such as Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii is far from difficult. Pristine beaches, exotic flora and fauna and just far removed enough that you can imagine that you have found Eden. If you enjoy Ocean life, the South Pacific has some of the most unspoiled reefs in the world. Depending on which part of the planet you reside at, South Pacific Islands are normally very arduous to reach. From the UK you would need to take a 12 hour flight to Los Angeles and then another (depending on which island you visit, can be an additional 10 hours!).

Once you have arrived, I am sure the wait will be worth it.

beach fiji

bora bora (2)

lanikai hawaii

blue spring NZ

fiji underwater


One comment

  1. Gorgeous! (as I deal with family, cold weather, work, etc.) To sit and “be” would be wonderful.

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