NE.TIGER: Prowess

Before China became an economic powerhouse and couturier force to reckoned with. Zhang Zhifeng began a label in 1982 that would later become part of the new Chic China. Inspired by his childhood pet name ‘Tiger Zhang’ (translates as little Tiger), Tiger was created with the intention of being a luxury label ‘Noble, elegant and sexy’.

Mixing Chinese iconography with more western haute couture styles, Made NE Tiger both exotic in its references yet familiar in fit. Whilst Guo Pei makes theatrical pieces art, NE Tiger focus lies with classic silhouetting, and mermaid tails details. Regardless of style, both are wonderful labels with attention to detail and finesse.

Like other couture houses, NE Tiger dresses some of the belles of Chinese cinema such as Gong Li. When NE Tiger finally finds its feet in the West and rest of the world, we will hear Chinese fashion roar and reach to the heights of global chic.

Blue china NT

Brocade NT

NT short

royal blue

slinky NT

details Nt



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  1. Some very lovely pieces.

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