Camellia Clad Chanel

Chanel does a splendid job of honouring the tastes and history of its founder and icon Coco Chanel. Boy bag (named after her lover Boy Capel) and her favourite flower Camellia. Ironically Chanel was introduced to Camellias by Capel himself; She was said to have fallen in love immediately. Besides just on their jewellery lines, Chanel has done a magnificent job of adding Camellias to their handbag range. Embossing soft curves of the petal adds a feminine touch but still remains chic. Where I have a small gripe with this wonderful twist on a  classic, is the lack of variation. As far as I can tell, only a few bags have been given the touch of Camellia leaving the majority of this variety being only wallets. A nice gift if you wish to save money but if you want    if you are fortunate enough to indulge in Camellia clad handbag. One lucky lady who has managed to bag one for her is Handbag Fetishist favourite Dita Von Teese.

If I was dripping with wealth, I too would become a dame aux Camillia.

Chanel touch

Chanel Rose


chanel camelia boy flap


chanel embossed camellia


chanel camellia UC


One comment

  1. I don’t mind the double “C” logo, but putting it into the texture of the bag reminds me of Coach bags –too much logo. (One of the reasons I don’t like the LV bags from Louis Vuitton or the Gucci logo bags…either) I do like the shape and the strap.

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