Adorn, Then Adore

When one retires from Burlesque, certain career options are a snug fit. Time spent teasing, tantalising and titilating means that you know your body. You know lingerie. Like Dita Von Teese now with Her Von Follies range, Lili St Cyr launched her own line of intimates, Undie World on 806 Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. As to the exact date of launch, I have not been able to find one but it was sometime during the 1970’s, after St Cyr retired from performing. As befitting a Burlesque Bombshell, Undie World sold the kind of lingerie and accessories that would suit any show on Minski’s; chiffon Peignoirs, dressing gowns, chiffon nightgowns and appropriately tassles! St Cyr brought the naughty touch of teasing aids to the masses, now ordinary women could master the art of the striptease.Lines included titles such as Folie Bergere, Nights on the Nile Nighties, Coy Miss, Scantie Panties, Lolita and Lili’s Love.

Celebrities such as Madonna would frequent and enjoy Undie World’s wonders. Up until  the mid 1990’s, rumours persisted that St Cyr was planning on opening another shop. Seemingly once St Cyr died in 1999, the dreams of another shop and Undie World all came to end. Such a pity that a successful lingerie boutique went under without any rhyme or reason. Sure St Cyr would be delighted to see that the spirit of Undie World prosper thanks to Von Follies.

lili poster

LSC undieworld

lili st cyr undieworld

clam bra

mail order marvel

lili bra


undieworld lili St cyr




  1. I wonder if you can find vintage pieces on eBay? Uhhh- just certain pieces. XO

    1. Mm have not seen any as yet… One to keep an eye on me thinks x

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