Brandy Kayse: Sultry & Stern


Leonard Burtman and Irving and Paula Klaw; purveyors of New York Fetish photography knew she made a great stern woman. A dominant diva who wore black lingerie, boots, and a bitch glare better than most. Brandy Kayse.

What her real name is, her age and basically any personal information seems to be nonexistant. What little I have been able to find is that she was worked with Klaw in 1955. Akin to Bettie Page, Kayse did do cheesecake pin-up cover for magazines such as ‘Gala’ and ‘Glamor Parade’. She later appeared in Burtman’s publication ‘Exotique’, before Tana Louise entered the frame. Kayse seems to have gone off the risqué radar, appearing for the last time in 1960’s ‘Discovery’ digest.

For as much as I would like to give you tasteful pervs, more information. I cannot dear viewers. Just leave you all with her impressive body of work.

brandy gun

brandy kaysey

femme totale

fetish 50's

gloves on



  1. Quite the LOOK!

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