Coveted Bag: Balmain Busy Frame Satchel

Given how over saturated the luxury market is for high end handbags, keeping track of everyone with any cache is a chore. Not all, I believe are worth the hype or the lofty price tag. Just trying their luck, adding extra zeros in the hopes that someone with more brains than money will succumb to the enticing atmosphere. Balmain is one of fashion houses to me. However it would appear that they have created a bag that might garner my interest. The Busy Frame Satchel.

Channelling the spirit of the Doctor bag, Busy has a polished retro feel.  Silver tone nickel frame provides a chic contrast to the soft, supple leather exterior. Two top handles based on leather with metal rings attachment add strength if one fears a flimsy handle. Plus the usual removalble shoulder strap if you want the cross body option. Slide latch closures provide solid safety but never erodes the core chic appeal.

This bag does appear to be limited to stock, so this will bump up the price of an an already expensive handbag. I have seen the Busy starting at £1000 yet they do disappear quickly. On minor issue that I have is that the width of Bust is a little long for my taste and needs. Then again some may not find this to be a problem. If I was able to find the money or the bag, I doubt I could justify such an extravagant purchase. Still one can always dream.

balmain busy frame satchel

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One comment

  1. I went and looked online and I like the black bag with the silver frame. It just looks a little long for me. XO

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