Coveted Bag: Christian Dior Fermoir Top Handle Doctors Bag

Though the name maybe a mouthful, when I first saw this rare vintage couture bag. I could sum up my opinion in one word. Delicious. Behold the Christian Dior Fermoir Top Handle Doctors bag.

A rare find with a vague history, some sites imply that this bag dates back to the 1970’s. Regardless of its age, it’s appeal is hard to dispute. A gold frame with a twist loop closure ensures your contents are safe yet does not sully the bags sharp appearance. One top handle (as per the title) but if you desire a shoulder strap, you are out of luck. Matching gold feet provide a little lift so as not to spoil the bottom of this coveted jewel. Regular readers will know that this bag very much suits my taste in retro style arm candy, very lady like. Some may find that for such an expensive fashion house, this bag is limited in space. So this would be more suitable as an evening bag rather than a more demanding day bag.

Regarding the price, I have found it can range from £500-1000. Which  considering that this is Dior and vintage and a rarity; are rather mild compared to other Dior bag. Could I really indulge if I suddenly found a spare £1000? No. Never mind, the hunt never ends.



dior gold frame black

dior fermoir rouge

Dior fermoir interior

dior frame vintage


One comment

  1. Oh, I like this one very much. C’mon…you can indulge yourself. XO

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