Tex Saverio: Flare for the Dramatic

Indonesia’s natural beauty is beyond dispute. Now their couture is gaining recognition, one in particular who especially worthy. Tex Saverio.

Born in 1984 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Saverio started his journey to the sartorially spectacular. Once he graduated Bunka Fashion School and  enrolled into the Phalie Studio in Jakarta, He launched Tex Saverio Prive in 2010. 2013 saw the launch of Saverio’s Ready to Wear line. Personally, Haute Couture is Saverio’s strength and purpose. Dubbed by some as the ‘Alexander McQueen of Indonesia’ and for good reasons. Saverio has a love of the dramatic, the gothic and the fantastical, much like McQueen. Celebrities as Lady Gaga and most recently Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding dress for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire have done wonders for Saverios’s international profile.

A relative newcomer to the world of high fashion. Saverio has shown great talent and I look very forward to see what other tricks are up Saverio’s elaborate sleeves.

TS gilded

TS grey storm

Tex Saverio courtesan

TS red candles

lacy fantasy

gothic drama


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