Monthly Archives: February 2015

Raymond Yard: Bunny Brooch

When looking through vintage jewellery, indulging in some non handbag perusing (yes it does happen). I came across a charming brooch that appealing to my love of Rabbits and Art Deco. It turns out that this lovely brooch was by renowned jeweller Raymond Yard, who was noted for his Bunny brooches. My appetite had been […]

Maria Lucia Hohan: Bespoken Garments

When we are given a choice, it is common to wonder if we made the right decision. Did we go for the best option or the easiest one? In the case of designer Maria Lucia Hohan, her decision to abandon interior decorating and focus on fashion was definitely the right choice. Born in Romania, Hohan […]

Fan Bingbing: Belle of the Ball

Continuing my current fascination with Chinese glamour. Moving slightly away from China’s burgeoning haute couture scene, one other source of escalating √©lan is China’s film industry. Not as well known as their North American or European counterparts, but not far behind. There is a select group of Chinese actresses who are crossing over into the […]

Red Crowned Cranes: Glorious

Graceful, faithful, beautiful and rare. What is there not to love about the Red Crowned Cranes? Also known as the Japanese Crane, they are a black and white with a red cap on their head, hence the red crown in their name. These are amongst the rarest of all the 15 species of Cranes (found […]

Susan Cabot: Wasp Woman, Stung To Death

Hollywood is littered with wannabes, people who want the dream of stardom and will do anything to acquire said dream. As the odds of making it are astronomically unlikely, many just fade away to be forgotten. One starlet, more specifically her death; has ensured that like Elizabeth Short. Her death has given her the stardom […]

Gia Genevieve: Sashaying

After milking vintage pin-ups recently, the time has come to showcase one of the best modern models. Gia Genevieve. Drawing from her love of classic pin-ups, Genevieve began her modelling career in 2008. First as a flame haired siren, Genevieve decided to honour the blonde bombshell she loved as a young girl. To be successful […]

Appeal of Androgyny

As feminism advocates equality between the genders, that no barrier should be put on someone just because of their gender. That as a woman, no one can tell you what it is to dress, act and feel a woman; you have to find your own identity on your OWN terms. Well, I feel that the […]