Gia Genevieve: Sashaying

After milking vintage pin-ups recently, the time has come to showcase one of the best modern models. Gia Genevieve.

Drawing from her love of classic pin-ups, Genevieve began her modelling career in 2008. First as a flame haired siren, Genevieve decided to honour the blonde bombshell she loved as a young girl. To be successful if the contemporary pin-up scene you do not have to be voluptuous. Sure the classic hourglass figure will always be coveted, it is timeless and beautiful. But to imply that if you are more lithe you will be a pariah is not true. What pin-up art and photography does is to celebrate curves on women since for many years, it has felt that in order to seen as beautiful you HAVE to be skinny. With the recent renaissance of retro clothing, vintage inspired clothing lines are rising in popularity. Of course Genevieve would prove to be a hit. Being procured for the likes of Glamour Bunny, Secrets in Lace and Lena Hoschek. Posing for pin-up photographers like Tatiana Gerusova, Shannon Brooke’s, Holly West and Ellen Von Unwerth. Hugh Hefner was so impressed by Genevieve that he made her a cover girl for the March 2015 issue of ‘Playboy’ magazine.

Fans of Artic Monkeys may have wondered who the ravishing bombshell is at the beginning of the music ‘Arabella’. That is Gia, pity that she is not in the video for more than about 15 seconds.

Genevieve is very much a throw back to the classic glamour girls of Hollywood and cheesecake pin-ups. With her killer curves, screen idol face and seductive sex appeal I look forward to seeing more of her.

Gia G Playboy

gia genevieve pin up

Gia Genevieuve

GG vamp

GG cig prop

In crimson



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  1. You could say that they Lady is “stacked”! XO

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