Susan Cabot: Wasp Woman, Stung To Death

Hollywood is littered with wannabes, people who want the dream of stardom and will do anything to acquire said dream. As the odds of making it are astronomically unlikely, many just fade away to be forgotten. One starlet, more specifically her death; has ensured that like Elizabeth Short. Her death has given her the stardom she richly pined for. Susan Cabot.

Born Harriet Shapiro on 9th July 1927 in Boston Massachusetts. Her early life was tumultuous, living in 8 different foster homes. After secondary school Cabot heading for New York, dabbling in singing and theatre work.

Cabot’s acting debut came in 1947, with a cameo role in ‘Kiss of Death’. Cameo is a bit of a stretch, only the back of her head made the final cut. After being discovered by a talent scout, Cabot moved to Los Angeles working for Columbia Studios briefly. Stability came when she signed an exclusive deal with Universal. In most stories, this is when the young actresses career steadily climes, culminating in that break out role. Thus a star was born, ordinarily. Not this time, instead of quality roles. Cabot was given parts in mostly B Movies, Hardly the catapult into becoming a leading lady. Frustrated by the lack of quality roles, Cabot left the Studio. In 1960, Cabot had an affair with King Hussein of Jordan, which ended when Hussein discovered that Cabot was Jewish. Cabot found stability when she married Micheal Roman in 1968, followed by the birth of their son Roman. Unfortunately Roman was not blessed with rude health, not only was Roman born with Dwarfism but he also had severe mental health problems. Cabot and Roman divorced in 1983. Finally after 13 years of struggles and strain, Cabot retired from acting.

On 10th December 1986 Cabot was brutally murdered by Roman. Beating her to death with a dumbbell while she was asleep. She was aged just 59. Roman claimed that Cabot was an abusive mother (after initially claiming that a Latino man dressed like a ninja broke in and killed her). Those who saw Cabot with Timothy said that they appeared ‘close’, the problem with abuse is that you can never truly know what goes on behind closed doors. Roman received a mere three years suspended sentence, strangely returning to the house were he killed his mother. Whether the abuse was real, only Roman and Cabot really know. Roman claimed that she took experimental growth hormones that was meant to treat his dwarfism, why she felt the need to use medication that was transparently meant for her son is a mystery. What was asserted was that Cabot became mentally unhinged. Based the information given to us by Roman, it would appear that a toxic build up was occuring in the Cabot home. However it must be noted that we only have Roman’s side of the story, it is of course possible that there was no abuse and Roman simply wants to blame his mother for his actions. We will never know the truth, and it is such a shame that Cabot never quite achieved the glory and glamour that she desired.

Susan Cabot


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  1. What a strange tale…there are so many weird things out there in the World. Sigh.

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