Red Crowned Cranes: Glorious

Graceful, faithful, beautiful and rare. What is there not to love about the Red Crowned Cranes?

Also known as the Japanese Crane, they are a black and white with a red cap on their head, hence the red crown in their name. These are amongst the rarest of all the 15 species of Cranes (found in various parts of the world). Their range stretches from Eastern Asia (China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula), these aquatic birds prefer freshwater marches to keep their fill of fish, insects, amphibians, corn, berries and grasses. Though some are migratory (focusing on the Northeast of Asia, China and Russia) there are permenant populations in Hakkaido, Northern Japan. Like most birds, mating pairs are monogamous and both raise their chicks together.

They are seen as symbols of fidelity, luck and longevity in Japan and China especially and it is common to see depictions of Cranes on clothes, art and screens. They are also the symbol for Japan Airlines.

As per most of the creatures featured on this site, these Cranes are an endangered species. Habitat lose is the biggest challenge to the Cranes survival. Hopefully intervention has come in time to help these stunning creatures so that they may grant luck to future generations.

Japanese Crane

group of cranes

cranes love

Japanese Crane art


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