Maria Lucia Hohan: Bespoken Garments

When we are given a choice, it is common to wonder if we made the right decision. Did we go for the best option or the easiest one? In the case of designer Maria Lucia Hohan, her decision to abandon interior decorating and focus on fashion was definitely the right choice.

Born in Romania, Hohan studied in Paris at the College of Applied Arts. Once she graduated, Hohan began her career as a fashion illustrator for Krizia, a Milan based fashion house. When most designers wish hone their craft, they leave their home country and  travel to the more noted centre of couture; Paris, London, Milan etc. Whilst many designers would never dream of leaving Milan, since further their career is easier there. Hohan decided that Bucharest was a better fit for her, and returned to Romania. Opening up her own studio so she could use her love of fabrics to create her own vision of feminity. Hohan manages to walk the fine line between classic styles and injecting a fresh energy. Honouring hourglass figures with an almost Greco Roman feel, the strips of fabric about the bust enhances the feminine. Yet the lower part of the dress is not so tightly fitted as say the bandage dress by Herve Leger which is not so flexible to women of more voluptuous variety. So if you may not wish to have a such a fitted ensemble, you can still look chic. Worn by the likes of Sofia Vegara, Catherine Zeta Jones and HF favourite Dita Von Teese show case Hohan’s gift for elegant gowns.

I hope to see more of Hohan’s offerings not only on the catwalk and red carpets. But for ordinary people who want this kind of feminity.

pink it

chiara blue

katsia SS


snow coat

erotique launch


One comment

  1. Perfect for curvy dievcas!
    An aside, I just had a discussion with M. about french Women having tailors/seamstress’ available to fit all their clothing. Might have to consider this option.

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