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Sherry Nelms: Cherie Amour

Another femme extraordinaire, wrapped a mystery. Dark hair, alabaster complexion and a trim waist. Not a pin-up but a ravishing model of luxury. Behold Sherry Nelms. Time and time again, these alluring ladies prove to have no personal imformation. Based on the age of other noted 50’s models, I estimate Nelms was born between late […]

Off With Her Head!

Vintage hats are a treasure that I am so glad is not completely lost. Not everyone has the right face for what can be an ornate adornment, but if you have ‘IT’ I say flaunt it. Some of the older hats are chic (Joan Crawford models the top hat, Lucille Ball on the forth picture […]

Anita Ventura: Indiscreet

Having shown plenty of Irving and Paula Klaw’s pin-ups, I have discovered one of Leonard Burtman’s choice of models. Anita Ventura. Sadly, another case of no childhood information, not even a date of birth. One must assume that Ventura and her fabulous kind were not actually born. They began life as a pin-up sketch, and […]

A Paler Tone

Autumn\winter has left us (though in the UK it is hard to tell). Gone are the deep, lush purples, burgundy and scarlets. Now we welcome some softer shades; white, lemon, pink, lilac and aquamarine. Cool, calm and soothing is the always a wise move if you are writhing in uncomfortable heat. If you are going […]

Seduction Through Scent

THIS ENTRY CONTAINS NUDITY Outside of obviously sexual products, one area of mainstream production that has arguably been most erotically presented is perfume. Perfumes power is not based on titilation and saucy adverts. There is actual science to help explain it’s potency. Of all our senses, smell is the one most linked to memory. Olfactory […]

Vintage Vixens II

Sometimes you have to give the public what they want. Personally if the public want vintage vixens, I say reward them for their clear, good taste. So behold just a few femme fatales who did not quite make it to the notoriety of Bettie Page. But could hold the camera as well as any pin-up. […]

Norma Jean Jani: Ample Charm

Another day, another chance to shine the spotlight on the a lesser known but fabulous femme fatale. Today it is the turn of Norma Jean Jani. Born 31st October 1931 in Dayton, Ohio. As to her birth name, I cannot be certain. She was also known as Jean Jani and later on in her modelling […]

Barbara Payton: Die in Black and White

Few combinations are as potent and captivating as glamour and tragedy. Sad tales of beautiful people who meet a sad end, always makes an enduring story. Old Hollywood has always been a great source of style, sex appeal and sorrow; so here is the tale of one of her most tragic starlets. Barbara Payton. Born […]

Lilli Ann: Enticing Emporium

Few pieces of fashion are as powerful and as timeless as a splendid suit. One that flatters your frame, hides your problem areas and makes you feel like the best version of you. For a long time, it has felt that suits have become overly functional and devoid of any beauty. Of course by their […]

Suzy Perette: Fitting Tribute

Vintage style is for me, a source of continual discovery and learning. As soon as you think you have cornered a certain area of interest, something elegant and enticing comes along to peak my curiosity. Whenever any high end designer has a particularly popular piece or look, what is the first thing that tends to […]