Plethora of Purses

Have gone for too long without a handbag post. So I have elected to celebrate vintage bags, some are more regular high end designers of bags. Some maybe surprised to learn that exclusive jewellery makers like Asprey do in fact create (though limited) bags.

The top and third bags are beautiful examples of Asprey of old. Second one down is Cartier. Red bag forth from the top is Gucci, an obvious choice as it the top bag is Celine. The second from the bottom is unknown, but it is a unique and very chic. All are very much in keeping to my preference of compact and chic bags. They may not be the most practical but sometimes one needs a bit of frivolity. Especially since there is no way of owning them, my bank balance is far happier to simply let me dream.

Asprey vintage black

cartier black leather


rosenfeld hand box

asprey vintage rouge

red vintage gucci shoulder

celine royal blue


One comment

  1. Gorgeous Vintage Bags! I love the watch.
    I had a pair of Asprey sandals at one point….

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