Coveted Bag: Charlotte Olympia Bogart Bag

When one dwells in the realm of designer handbags, with so much choice and varying price. Deciding what is value for money is a priority; is the bag well made? Are quality fabrics being used? Is the suitable size of your needs? All of these factors play a role in picking which is right for you. So when I saw a stunning bag what comes with sizeable extra, my curiosity peaked. Charlotte Olympia’s Bogart bag.

I very much appreciate the classic quality of this bag. A safe, mid size bag with clean lines, structured frame and a platform base. A chic twist and turn fastener with a dainty top handle (yes there is an optional shoulder strap). Now you may be wondering what the ‘sizeable extra’ is, surely not the shoulder strap which is standard on many designers. No, Bogart offers much more; a mirror comb and a pair of matching leather gloves! So if you crave being able to match your gloves with a timeless Hollywood style bag. Fret not, for your dilemma has been solved. Now for just shy of £2000, one might argue that a bag and leather gloves can be bought for far less. Though I am impressed by the extras that Bogart offers, the high price tag does deter me. Oh well one can dream.

Charlotte olympia Bogart black

CO bogart red

CO bogart green


One comment

  1. Oh, I love the green! How gorgeous ~ something to save up for…it will become a classic. XO

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