Lilli Ann: Enticing Emporium

Few pieces of fashion are as powerful and as timeless as a splendid suit. One that flatters your frame, hides your problem areas and makes you feel like the best version of you. For a long time, it has felt that suits have become overly functional and devoid of any beauty. Of course by their very nature, practicality is vitally important. But for many years, frankly they were dull and lacked any imagination. Thanks to Dita Von Teese, feminine suits have returned in a big way. As a noted vintage label of beguiling suits, Lilli Ann merits a mention.

Founded by Adolph Schuman in San Francisco in 1933. Named after his wife Lillian. Lilli Ann offered exquisitely feminine stylised suits, with a distinct haute couture feel. Typically, but not exclusively Lilli Ann’s suits were designed to accentuate the waist and a slightly flaired skirt. Very hourglass friendly and very chic. As a stroke of luck (both for manufacturers and the customer), Schuman would frequently procure fabric from companies that were on the edge of bankruptcy in Paris after WWII. With this added source of material, Lilli Ann did add Paris to the tag of their clothes. Thus not only Schuman save these various fabric companies but his clients were guaranteed a high quality, hand loomed fabric to their fabulous outfit.

1960 saw a knitwear and a London inspired ‘Mod’ line added. Adolph Schuman died in 1985 but his heirs carried on with Lilli Ann. 1990s saw Lilli Ann bought by another company only to cease trading in 2000.

Such a shame that a label with vision and brilliant exucution had a sad demise. Hopefully as a vintage designer, Lilli Ann will find her second wind. Or maybe someone, inspired by these stunning features will channel the aesthetics and a rebirth shall occur.

Lilli ann ad

Lilli ann dorian white

lilli ann velvet suit

Lilli ann lilac

Lilli ann jacket

Lilli ann spot


One comment

  1. I feel a hint of Thierry Muglar in the making with the pencil skirt, peplum and strong shoulder.

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